First Week On The Job

Looking back on the first week of my apprenticeship I have to say, all and all, it’s been an absolute pleasure thus far. Not only have I been offered a warm and welcoming reception from Eric (my boss) and the good folks at the Lettering Arts Trusts (my benefactors), but I’ve also become completely engrossed in learning the craft of lettercutting.



In the past few days, I’ve learned how to flood paint lettering on a stone, how to make mounts, about the characteristics of a million different kinds of stone, and I have just picked out a monster piece of stone for my first-ever alphabet - amongst many other things.

It’s rare thing to be able to fully immerse yourself in something that genuinely interests you, especially with such a knowledgable teacher to guide the way.

If this week is anything to go by, the next two years are going to be fascinating!