Lettercarving with Nick Benson

   As part of the recent Letter Exchange Conference held here in Cambridge, I was lucky enough nab a spot in a lettercarving workshop with the great American lettercarver Nick Benson, which was sponsored by the Letter Arts Trust.


    It was really great to see Nick’s techniques for carving in practice and to give them a go myself. He also walked us through his approach to lettering from the very early concepting and sketches to the actual carving and finishing.

   Nick’s letterforms are mainly derived from traditonal calligraphy done with a chisel-ended brush, which he is a master at. (I will also be posting about another worshop I took with the incredible Paul Herrera on this very subject soon, so stay tuned!)


   The workshop was not only a lot of fun, but it exposed the other students and myself to a completely different style of carving. Gaining the sort of perspective is very invaluable when you are just starting out like myself and trying to refine your own techniques. All in all, it was an incredible experience!